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Point of Care Carts
TX20 Workstation
The TX20 Mobile Hospital Computer Cart & WorkStation by Artromick offers the perfect blend of trim-line design and powerful computing performance. Simple maneuverability right to the patient’s bedside is easy with the TX20 WorkStation, facilitating a true point-of-care workflow process for clinical documentation and wireless data management.
NX10 Workstation
For nursing, the Artromick NX10 Workstation is lightweight and simple to maneuver. For IT, there is an open platform to design the computing solution that meets a full spectrum of requirements. And for administration, the Artromick NX10 Workstation offers superior value that equates into a lower long-term cost of ownership.
TX11 Medserver
The NEW Artromick TX11 Medserver is designed specifically to accommodate a wide range of laptop computers in a retractable tray drawer. The advance in laptop security and accessibility on the Artromick TX11 raises the bar in mobile computing workstations by protecting your investment and providing common sense usability.
TX10 Medserver
The TX10 MedServer, a Mobile Hospital Computer Cart by Artromick features uncompromised security and organization for medication administration at the point-of-care.
IMC Medication Cart
The IMC Mobile Computer & Medication Cart line combines the latest medication cart design with proven mobile computing and point-of-care technology solutions.
VX Computer Cart
Based upon important feedback from clinical and health IT professionals worldwide, Capsa created the VX Computer Cart line to offer you a full-featured, powered cart that promotes superior configurability based on the application. This flexibility within the VX line lets you configure the cart with your preferred choice of computing hardware powered by a proven system that maximizes overall computer cart uptime.