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IT Mounts for your medical facilities.
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  • Are of the highest quality in the industry.
  • Hospital Grade and ergonomically designed.
  • Deliver point-of-care technology.
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AtlantiCare has earned distinction two years in a row from J.D. Power and Associates, a trusted provider of consumer information, for consistently delivering "an outstanding patient experience."
Welcome to VSS Medical
VSS Medical Mounts, a company dedicated to the needs of organizations that need to bridge the gap between technology and the people who must use it to do their jobs.
Mounting, storage, and transportation of IT hardware present plenty of challenges to new application designs and the retrofitting of existing facilities.
VSS can develop a solution for mounting, storing, and/or transporting your information technology components. These integrated solutions will enhance patient care, improve safety, security and increase clinician efficiency.
Healthcare Solutions
VSS Medical Mounts has partnered with the finest manufacturers in the medical computer mounting and mobile solutions industry.
We provide healthcare related IT solutions for EMR, EPIC, PACS and med distribution. We can provide these solutions no matter what your hardware requirements.
Since this is a major decision that's made by multiple groups within your organization, we can provide you with demo and evaluation units for up to 60 days to assure they meet your hospital's standards.

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